Most juicers are loud and "violent" because they slice into food with sharp blades running at high speed. This mixes air with the juice, causing instant oxidation of the very same delicate food molecules that you want to protect and preserve.

But Hurom Juicers extract juice from foods using a totally unique process called "Slow Squeezing Technology" (SST). It operates with virtually no noise, no spinning blades, no mixing with air and no aggressive cutting of your fresh produce.

This quiet process extracts all the yummy juice out of an incredible variety of fruits, veggies, leafy greens and even nuts. From purees and juices to nut milks, Hurom Juicers deliver all the amazing health benefits of raw food without the noise and oxidation found in centrifugal juicers.

I'm a huge Hurom fan myself and the first thing that drew me to these amazing juicers is the fact that they are incredibly silent and fast without using any blades.

Plus, Hurom Juicers work incredibly well with foods that normally cause problems in other juicers. Grapes and small pieces of ginger, for example, both juice cleanly and completely in the Hurom! It also handles leafy greens like cilantro and parsley extremely well, squeezing every last drop of nutritious liquid out of them.

This is possible due to the SST technology which gently squeezes foods with a mortar-and-pestle type of action. This helps retain all the heat-sensitive phytonutrients and delicate enzymes that regular juicers compromise with their high-speed blades. The Hurom juicers work with only 43 rotations per minute to cold press raw foods, which results in an incredibly high nutritional value for you.

In other words, when you feed expensive, organic produce into regular juicers, you're actually destroying much of the nutrition you've paid for! But Hurom Juicers keep all the plant nutrition fully intact, delivering more nutrients in every ounce of juice they produce.

The extraction technology is so good that these revolutionary juicers allows you to get up to 60% more nutrients than eating fruits and veggies alone. The SST technology minimizes oxidation, aeration and cellular-level separation - the health benefits of the fruits, greens and vegetables are fully protected and remain intact. You get to enjoy gorgeous juices, milks and purees that taste amazing and retain their vibrant colors.

The Hurom Juicers are an outstanding investment in your own health, and they essentially pay for themselves with the increased nutrition they deliver. Compared to other juicers, they yield up to 


due to the revolutionary SST technology, allowing you to get more juice for less money.

Even more, the motor is near-silent (you don't have to worry about waking up anyone when you prepare your morning juice) and it uses only 150 watts of power without any noticeable heat buildup. The cold-pressing method doesn't waste a single drop of delicious and nutritive juice.

The Hurom Juicer HH Series and the Hurom Juicer HK Series are ideal for all family members of any age. They work with almost any fruit, veggie or nut and you can use them to prepare entire meals: baby food, nut milks, smoothies, energy and health-boosting juices - you can try them all in any combination you want! Plus, anyone can use it: it's very easy to assemble and even easier to clean with a simple rinse.


Spring is here and this means that you will soon have access to more and more delicious veggies, fruits and greens that you can toss into your Hurom Juicer HH Series or Hurom Juicer HK Series for a delicious, healthy and nutritive beverage. Now is the perfect time to invest in your health!

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